The FibblesnorkTM
Über-Garlic Pickle.

Here's what people are saying (actual quotes)...

"That's a pickle!"

—P. Fournier

"Hmmm ... not too hot, no. These are pretty ... uhm ... Arghhh, f---!"

—J. Helseth

"Pretty hot... my testicles are sweating already!"

—A. Kurland

"Like someone yanked out my tongue and cut it off with a pair of rusty scissors. Very nice."

—C. Benson

"My girlfriend said I could never eat those again. I smelled like garlic all night and half of the next day."

—C. Manning

"You don't even have to open up the lid to get a good whiff."

—C. Ritchey

"It's the pickle that keeps on giving."

—A. Goodrich

"Minty fresh."

—J. Gaudreau

"Wow. I can still remember which side of my mouth I swallowed that on."

—K. Thomson

"You've got taste buds all the way down your esophagus and into your stomach that you've never stimulated until you've tried one of these pickles."

—C. Lehman

And here's what might have been said...

"Vaht a bunch uf gurrly pickles. I laff at you."

—Hans and Frans

"Very hot. Very hot. Definitely. Definitely."

—Sewer Urchin
The Tick

"Smooth. Pour one for my friend."

—Daffy Duck

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