The main concept of Fibble Snork centers in our recognition and belief that education and learning is not a conclusion in itself. We always deem that education has a higher goal, which is to help people even in their tender ages become highly intellectual part of the society. We want the children to become not only intelligent but also sensitive individuals who care about the social, cultural, ecological, and political environments.

Based on our personal experiences of being parents as well, we realized that, more often than not, we underestimate the capacity of the children, when in fact they are far more sensitive, intelligent, and concerned than what we perceive them to be. As they age, grow, and mature, it is because of us that they learn the ways to be unconcerned and indifferent. They adopt our mortal terror of rejection and failure, as well as our mistrust of success. This is because we, the elders, serve as their role models.

In this world that constantly gets carried away with vocational and material successes, Fibble Snorks aims to provide the children, the hope of our future, with an alternative and holistic ideology. Such ideology is the end product of collective guilt, which is the product of a realization that we have destroyed our planet that we inherited from our ancestors only to be guardians and to pass on to our successor, our own children.

The main agenda of Fibble Snorks is to give every single child a better world, a world that they deserve. We constantly make plans and actions to act upon our goal to provide the children with a better place to live in.

We desire to deliver a fun and elevated value-quotient experiences to every child. We believe that it is always possible to enforce learning and education through fun, innovative, and enjoyable ways. We also aim to promote and reinforce the proper system of values through healthy activities and exercises.